Beacon Hill Pub Food Menu

We have expanded our menu in order to meet current Covid-19 regulations set forth by the State. All patrons required to make a food purchase upon arrival. We appreciate your cooperation!


Solo Dog - Hot dog   3.


Bleacher Dog - Hot dog served with Planter's Roasted Peanuts   4.

Catch of the Day - Hot dog served with Pepperidge Farm Classic Goldfish   Mk.

Dog with no Blanket (GF) - Hot dog with no bun served with Planter's Tropical Fruit and Nuts Trail Mix   4.

Devil Dog - Hot dog with Sriracha drizzle served with a glass of milk   4.

Pocket Dog - Hot dog wrapped in aluminum foil for those on the go, served with Strawberry Go-Gurt   4.

Glizzy Tower - Hot dogs served in a tower of eight - ask your bartender how you can get them for free   18.


Dessert Dog - Hot dog served with Blue Bunny Premium Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich   4.

*All dogs served with Ketchup, Mustard, Relish packets upon request*

**All snacks available for an additional dollar**

Beacon Hill Pub Drink Menu

Boiler Makers

The Old Reliable - Miller High Life with a shot of John Jameson Irish Whiskey   12.

The PB&J - Pabst Blue Ribbon tallboy with a shot of Jagermeister  11.

The Clopen - Bud Light bottle with a Vegas Bomb - you can keep the can for good measure   14.

The It Wasn't My Fault - Corona Extra bottle with a shot of Omeca Altos Silver Tequilla   12.

The Chuckleberry Finn - Truly Wild Berry with a shot of Doctor McGillicuddy's  12.

The Anti-Karen - Dealer's choice. You get whatever we want to give you   10.

The Walk of Shame - Double IPA and a Mind Eraser   16.

Draft Beer

Miller Lite   -   Sam Adams Summer Ale   -   Guinness Stout   -   Wormtown Be Hoppy IPA   -   Stormalong Mass Appeal Hard Cider   -   Jack's Abby House Lager   -   Modelo Especial